Friday, February 22, 2013

consider health insurance for our family

Guarantee insurance
Guarantee Insurance - Often, we were surprised by the many cases where there is someone who looks good diligent exercise, do not smoke, but died suddenly of a disease, there is no thing that can guarantee the health of a person, but it can certainly ease your financial burden warranty when the disease is health insurance coverage.

Guarantee insurance
Health insurance is a life insurance second important insurance you should have, because health is an authorized person in daily activities. Can you imagine if you suddenly ill and did not have enough money to pay all hospitals for medical expenses, you also can not work more, empty the entire contents of the savings, or even no need to take out a loan just who would certainly burden your family.

With the purchase of health insurance, you have the assurance that treatment costs will be covered by health insurance, which is the amount of coverage as stated in the health insurance policy that you agree with the health insurance company of your choice.

With health insurance ensures that you normally receive the following:
· Cost of health care
· Cost doctors
· Operating costs
· The cost of outpatient
· Cost of hospitalization
· Cost of drugs
· Cost critical illness (usually the list of diseases transmission vary from insurance company to another)

With health insurance, and all medical expenses to be incurred dependent will be borne by the insurance company. Thus, it will ease the financial burden of the family.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Set needs health insurance for your family

Set needs health insurance for your family - Why do we have to adjust insurance needs. can be seen from how much you need for insurance. insurance company has its own advantages and disadvantages of the insurance products they offer.

"Rising health care costs caused by the application of advanced technologies in the service of health." This is why health insurance is important to you and famille.after a member of the insurance company, you made a good choice for the family at this time and later. we do not know when or how strong we are constantly being physically well.

But we also need to be smart -. Smart to choose the right insurance company to avoid things that are not supposed to become a member after your insurance products offered by insurance companies to attract consumers to join and become a member.

for that you need to pay attention as well and knew little understanding of insurance products that you choose to avoid things that are not the easiest way you want.Faciles you ask the insurer is

The application process is flexible or
What a claim to the whole world or just in certain countries.
What are the types of claims from suppliers of hospital insurance company
Are there special facilities for chronic diseases such as (cardiac, cancer, etc.)
Easy or not the compensation process

And if all that is in the claims of the insurance that you will not be disappointed if coisir. you join the membership, you simply adjust the exchange. suggest that you ask a whole there is usually a high insurance premium, but you do not afraid. can be adjusted as required.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

how important it is for our health insurance and family?

Health is the most beautiful gift. When sick, you will not only experience physical pain, also sometimes undermine your finances. Especially when it comes to chronic diseases including cancer. What is the solution?One way to prepare for the cost of chronic treatment, is a health and life insurance. Health insurance, is a type of insurance product that specifically guarantee for health care or the care of the members of the insurance, if they fall ill or have an accident. Broadly speaking there are two types of treatments offered by insurance companies, the hospital (in-patient treatment) and outpatient care (out-patient treatment).Along popping variety of degenerative diseases, modern society began to realize the importance of health insurance. It is very necessary, considering the costs to cover the cost of treatment can reach hundreds of millions. Certainly not kecil.Seberapa large number of insurance companies cover customer claims that critical disease? "For critical illness such as cancer who entered stage one, it certainly can make a claim. Within 90 days of the policy in force, "said the insurance practitioner and consultant, Rosyefa Zein or often called Efa.But of course on the condition statement of the doctor or the medical records of the results of the biopsy were cancerous states. "Whatever type of cancer is definitely paid 100 percent. There are insurers who requested the results of a biopsy (removal of tissue for the presence of cancer cells). Biopsy is usually a benchmark payment of claims by insurance companies. However, there are also insurance that does not require biopsy results but still pays its claims. Insurance is only holding on doctor's statement, "said Efa.Still Minati First LayerGood insurance, according Efa can be seen from the credibility of the company. How big is the company and how the company's financial development? The insurance company is going to invest his money, so that investment returns can be distributed to customers, such as Takaful category.Meanwhile, from the prospective customer can also find out from any of the benefits. For example, in a saving to the premium of Rp 500,000, - Meng customers can benefit to cover 49 critical illness, accident, and disability. This differs from company B, with a premium of Rp 500,000, - benefits in only 20 critical illness cover. With the same premium, giving the company a $ 500 million, while B only Rp 200 million.When there is risk, a claim can be paid directly at the beginning. For example, his claim to $ 500 million. While new customers come in 6 months with a premium of $ 1 million / month. From where you can avail cash of $ 500 million? It was taken from tabarru funds, ie funds are helping each other when there is a claim, get paid right away. Insurance itself consists of two layers. The first layer is the insurance coverage hospital costs, hospitalization with a certain standard rooms as well as the cost of a doctor. And, second tier life insurance and assets."Well, life is usually spent an asset to hundreds of millions, even billions. Unfortunately, most people today only focus on the first layer. Actually it was fine. However dapengalaman many clients who have cancer, was forced to sell its assets, "said Efa."The cost of cancer treatment is enormous. Indeed, ordinary people generally take the first layer. And that urgent that second tier, for the soul. Because not only protects the soul, but also an asset. It must be protected for the sake of the family and even for the cost of children's education, "said Efa, again.

The Myth Behind Maternity Insurance

Maternity is a period between conception and birth of the child. For most women and their partners alike, this period is filled with anticipation and excitement as they await the coming of their new baby. But this period can be quite burdensome too to the couple, especially to the mother. Aside from physical and emotional burden they experience, and lifestyle changes they have to deal with, the couple is faced with financial burden as well. Vitamins, maternity clothes, check ups and the baby's stuff are only few of the things they must spend for. To aid expectant mothers get through this very important stage in her life, insurance companies provide assistance through maternity insurance plans.

A maternity insurance provides financial security to women who are in the pregnancy period. This is especially helpful to middle-income mothers who may not be able to pay for high costs of pregnancy and childbirth all at once. It helps them cut maternity costs and allows them to avail of appropriate health care, services and medication they and their child need. There may be some medical assistance programs that also help cut expenses during pregnancy but they are not enough while a maternity insurance covers more maternity expenses.

In the event of any complication that may cause the mother or the baby to stay in the hospital for a longer time and may require an operation or other medical services, the couple can count on the maternity insurance. For instance, if the baby is premature, he or she would have to spend weeks or even months in an incubator. Expenses incurred during the period of incubation may not be covered by existing medical plan but unexpected expenses brought by these eventualities may be covered by maternity insurance plans.

Getting a maternity insurance is one of the best ways one can take care of her baby even when he or she is not yet born. Financial security allows the mother to get the best prenatal care that shall ensure that the baby develops normally. Furthermore, with the help of a dependable maternity insurance company, the couple can eliminate worries on how to pay for pregnancy and childbirth expenses. Going through the maternity period without these worries but instead, with the right attitude and disposition, ensures that the mother can give birth to a child that is physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.

With all the risks involved in pregnancy and childbirth, getting a maternity insurance is a life-saving decision. It helps an expectant mother get through her life's most crucial moment with security and hope. Moreover, maternity insurance is payable in easy installments so she and her husband can surely have more peace of mind. However, it is important to be extra careful in purchasing maternity insurance plan. If you are planning to get maternity insurance, make sure to get it only from a reliable insurance provider to prevent problems in the long run. It would be best to shop around first to know where to get the best maternity insurance policy that shall benefit you and your baby.